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Gas Processing Systems

Since its commercialization in 2001 the Kirkpatrick Honor Award winning Molecular GateTM technology has achieved rapid and growing market success with over sixty projects underway.
The systems are noted for ease of operation, ability to produce pipeline quality sales gas regardless of the feed composition and minimal pretreatment  requirements.

The Molecular Gate technology is offered as modular plants by Guild Associates, Inc. Originally developed by Engelhard Corporation, Guild Associates is the exclusive licensee of the technology and has been involved in the technology from inception to the current state of the art.

The Molecular Gate technology is used for Nitrogen Rejection to remove N2 or mixtures of N2 and CO2 and for Carbon Dioxide Removal alone from contaminated streams.

Typical feed sources are contaminated natural gas, biogas gas from digesters, landfill gas and the gases associated with coal mining.

The minimum size equipment is sized for a feed flow of approximately 400 SCFM, and turns down effectively to 20% of design flow. The largest system to date is 11,800 SCFM.

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