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Guild Associates is excited to introduce BSR-050 Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Media. For operators of landfills, digesters, and Waste Water Treatment Plants, BSR-050 offers great advantages over the existing media:
  • Highest Sulfur Capacity Media in the Industry
  • No "Bricking"
  • Proven Performance at > 1000 PPM
  • Less downtime for media replacement
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Our Markets and Expertise

Guild Associates is a diversified, agile and focused business serving commercial and military markets.

For commercial customers, Guild Associates is focused on products that utilize gas separation and processing technology. Guild Associates manufactures biogas upgrade and filtering systems used at landfills, waste water treatment plants, and other digester applications, transforming the biogas into a clean usable fuel. Along with these product offerings, is the ability to design and package rotary vane, rotary screw, and reciprocating natural gas compressors needed for feed gas collection, gas purification processing, and product gas delivery for downstream consumption such as; processing plant usage, pipeline injection, and transportation fuel filling (CNG/LNG). Guild Associates is also a UL-Certified Electrical Panel manufacturer for both Ordinary and Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous Locations.

For the military, Guild Associates is focused on improving the life of the warfighter. Guild Associates' products protect warfighters from chemical and biological warfare agents, efficiently launder their clothes wherever they are deployed, and enable Mortuary Affairs to respectfully preserve the remains of those who make the ultimate sacrifice.

Guild Associates is a world-class expert in diverse areas such as adsorption (both materials and processes), catalysts, and biotechnology sensors. We have a proven history of executing basic research and then delivering products that practically and efficiently utilize that research to solve difficult problems.

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Guild Gas Filtration Media Featured in DVIDS News Article
Co-ZZAT and ARZ Media Improves the M51 Filter

Guild and MEL Chemical at the Ft. Leonard Wood CBRN Expo
Spotlight on Guard Beds, Filtration Media and Webbing Technologies

Ethanol Biogas Plant Commissioned in June 2017
Guild completes commissioning of Biogas-to-RNG facility at Ethanol Plant
Guild Associates completed commissioning of a Biogas-to-RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) at a major ethanol producer in June 2017. The plant will soon start operations with a capacity of 2083 SCFM. The RNG will be injected into the pipeline to be off-loaded by RNG customers. This is the first Biogas-to-RNG facility at an ethanol plant, and is an entirely new revenue stream for the producer.

Upcoming Events

Guild Associates to Exhibit at the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop, June 19-20
Come see us at Booth # 233
Guild Associates will be exhibiting at the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center June 19-21. We will be at booth 233. Joining Paul Baker at the booth on Tuesday June 20 will be Charles Love of Trillium RNG. Trillian RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) is featured at Love's Truck Stops at select locations.

2017 CBRN Expo Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Guild Associates to Exhibit at Fort Leonard Wood June 26-28
Guild Associates will be exhibiting at the 2017 Fort Leonard Wood (MO) CBRN Exhibition on June 26-28, 2017. Joe Rossin and Mike Knapke will be on hand to explain the latest developments in Guard Bed technology, Co-ZZAT Filtration Media and results of field testing. Gary Monks of our partner MEL Chemicals will be on hand as well. Come see us at booth # 201.