BSR-050 Hydrogen Sulfide Media
BSR-050 Hydrogen Sulfide Media
BSR-050 Hydrogen Sulfide Media
BSR-050 Hydrogen Sulfide Media
BSR-050 Hydrogen Sulfide Media
BSR-050 Hydrogen Sulfide Media
Nano/Micro Gate

Nanogate / microgate
small digester complete upgrading plants

Learn how your digester can start producing RNG revenue within a week of shipment

BSR-050 AdobeStock Vessels

BSR-050 Hydrogen sulfide removal Media

Find out how much you can save by switching to the highest removal capacity media in the industry

ABC Award

our biogas plants win industry awards

Learn about our awards from the
American Biogas Council

Containerized Systems

containerized systems
for the us military

Complex problems solved with
simple-to-operate solutions


biogas upgrading
across the usa

Our plants operate at landfills, digesters, and wastewater treatment plants

Molecular Filtration

innovations in
molecular filtration

Protection from toxic industrial chemicals and battlefield contaminants in defense applications

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Markets and Expertise

BSR-050 Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Media

BSR-050 Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Media

Save up to 80% on your Landfill Gas H2S removal costs by using the HIGHEST CAPACITY media in the industry! The cost of removing hydrogen sulfide from landfill gas includes much more than the cost of media. As media capacity […]
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Gas Processing Systems

Guild Associates’ background in gas processing dates back to 2001, when Guild Associates was chosen by Englehard (now BASF) to commercialize the Molecular GateTM technology.  Guild has biogas plants in operation at landfills, wastewater treatment plants, lagoon digesters, and other facilities […]
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Military Systems

Guild Associates is a leader in engineering and manufacturing innovative and cost-effective containerized systems for the military. Examples of these systems are the Laundry Advanced System and the Mobile Integrated Remains Collection System. The LADS Laundry Advanced System (LADS) was […]
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Chemical and Biological Defense

Guild Associates has been in the forefront of Chemical and Biological Defense since its early days. As a result, Guild Associates is a recognized expert in the field of chemical decontamination. Guild Associates, under contract with the Edgewood Chemical and Biological […]
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Guild Associates has a solution for you. Contact us to learn more.

News & Updates

Guild Associates Wins 2022 American Biogas Council Innovation of the Year Award!

At the May 25 American Biogas Council Awards Dinner held during the 2022 Biogas Americas Conference in Las Vegas, NV, Guild Associates Nanogate™ PSA system received the 2022 Innovation of the Year Award.  The citation on the award plaque reads, […]
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Guild Associates Equipment Used in Two Landfills Financed by Greater Commercial Lending

Greater Commercial Lending posted a Press Release indicating completion of $73 million financing for two landfills in North Carolina. The Foothills Renewables Project in Caldwell County, NC, and the Upper Piedmont Renewables Project in Person County, NC, are being developed by EVENSOL […]
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Guild Associates Equipment Powers Enviva/GreenGasUSA Offtake Agreement

Enviva Partners, LP and GreenGasUSA, announced a 10-year RNG offtake agreement to decarbonize natural gas-related emissions in Enviva’s operations. Guild Associates equipment will be utilized to convert the biogas into Renewable Natural Gas for insertion into the pipeline grid. The […]
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Discover Our Capabilities

System Development

Because Guild produces highly engineered systems, emphasis on assembly and test capability have been incorporated into its production department.

Materials Development

Guild Associates, Inc. continues to enhance its reputation as a leader in the field of adsorptive, reactive and catalytic materials for applications that include decontamination, chemical defense and demilitarization.

Upcoming Events

Guild Associates Joins CBRN Defense Modernization Challenge at TechConnect World

Guild Associates will be presenting two products in a “Shark Tank”-style competition during the TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo, June 19-20 in Washington DC. From over 210 products submitted for the competition, the organizers chose two of Guild Associates’ […]
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Guild Associates is a Support Sponsor at Biogas Americas

In addition to exhibiting at the Biogas Americas Conference, Guild Associates is a “Support Sponsor”. Come talk to us at Booth #716 during the Biogas Americas Conference, sponsored by the American Biogas Council. Braden Timberman and Drew Noble, both Process […]
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Mike Knapke and Dan Moeller to speak in panel session at SWANA SOAR Conference April 19.

Mike Knapke, Product Director of BSR-050 and Dan Moeller, Process Engineering Manager will discuss Renewable Gas Upgrading in a panel session at the SWANA SOAR conference in Atlanta. The session is chaired by Tom Bilgri of TetraTech and will also […]
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Guild Associates is a diversified and agile business focused on serving commercial and military markets

Guild Associates is a collection of top scientists, engineers and production personnel able to field difficult problems and deliver product on time and budget. Working in an organic, team environment, Guild Associates brings to bear years of experience in technology innovation, system integration and product delivery.

We have a proven history of executing basic research followed by delivering products that practically and efficiently solve difficult problems.

Guild Associates Technology & Innovation
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