Guild Associates Equipment Used in Two Landfills Financed by Greater Commercial Lending

Greater Commercial Lending posted a Press Release indicating completion of $73 million financing for two landfills in North Carolina. The Foothills Renewables Project in Caldwell County, NC, and the Upper Piedmont Renewables Project in Person County, NC, are being developed by EVENSOL LLC. Guild Associates is supplying the nitrogen rejection equipment for both projects. The Equilibrium Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system is an industry-leading technology that efficiently removes the nitrogen and oxygen to levels required for pipeline insertion. The Equilibrium PSA is the last step in the biogas upgrading process, with just a compression step before the Renewable Natural Gas inserted into the natural gas grid. The full press release can be accessed here.

The Guild Associates Equilibrium PSA features autonomous operation, high methane recovery, and oxygen reduction. When completed, this will mark the 7th and 8th locations for Guild Associates equipment in North Carolina and the first to be located at landfills.

For more information on Guild Associates’ equipment offerings, please click here.

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