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Guild is a collection of top scientists, engineers and production personnel able to field difficult problems and deliver product on time and budget. Working in an organic, team environment, Guild brings to bear years of experience in technology innovation, system integration and product delivery.


Guild’s history in innovation stems from its founding in 1981 on with DESAT grant (precursor to the SBIR Program). Since then Guild has successfully delivered on 17 Phase I and 7 Phase II SBIRs many of which have progressed into commercial offerings.


One of Guilds core competencies includes adapting available technology into complicated engineered systems. Guild has extensive experience transitioning research into product and managing subcontractors to increase speed to market and technical expertise. In Guilds’ LADS project, nearly 600 subcontractors were coordinated in various phases of research, design, manufacturing and delivery.


We take delivery challenges seriously. Guild has an impressive record of delivering projects and products on time and on budget. Examples abound where troubled projects or program manager headaches were turned into successful results and implementations, often ahead of schedule and under budget, by the Guild research, development and manufacturing team.

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BSR-050 Featured in Waste Advantage Magazine

BSR-050 Identified in “Breakthroughs and Innovations” The April 2021 issue of Waste Advantage Magazine identifies Guild Associates’ BSR-050 as a “Breakthrough and Innovation”.  BSR-050 is field proven to have industry leading capacity characteristics that enable landfill operators to lengthen the …

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Guild Associates Equipment to Power GreenGasUSA Project

South Carolina Agricultural Waste Digester will produce RNG. GreenGasUSA has selected Guild Associates to provide biogas cleanup equipment for its new project in South Carolina. This project, with a major industrial partner as the RNG consumer, will convert biogas methane …

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In Response to Coronavirus, Guild Associates Announces RSU Series

Mobile Mortuary to Offer Safe and Respectful Remains Storage While the world is rightly focused on the limiting the transmission of the Covid-19 virus and treatment of the inflicted, consideration must also be made to overwhelming the mortuary industry capacity.  Lack …

In Response to Coronavirus, Guild Associates Announces RSU Series Read More »

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