Guild Associates Equipment Powers Enviva/GreenGasUSA Offtake Agreement

Enviva Partners, LP and GreenGasUSA, announced a 10-year RNG offtake agreement to decarbonize natural gas-related emissions in Enviva’s operations. Guild Associates equipment will be utilized to convert the biogas into Renewable Natural Gas for insertion into the pipeline grid. The agreement is expected to eliminate more than 64,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent from the atmosphere every year, which equates to 14,000 passenger cars being removed from the road. Read the full press release on the GreenGasUSA site here. Enviva Partners has a long-term sustainability goals that can be accessed here.Guild Associates’ Molecular GateTM technology enables a single-step process to remove contaminants from the biogas without the need for upstream disposable media, nor additional equipment to maintain and monitor such as H2S removal systems, dryers, siloxane removal beds, or carbon beds for volatile organic compound (VOC) removal.  The Molecular GateTM PSA’s autonomous operation assures that operating expenses are low with very little operator interaction required.

For more information on Guild Associates’ equipment offerings, please click here.

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