Guild Associates SignFounded in 1981, Guild Associates started by providing technical services and contract R&D to local industries. With industrial success, and as an early participant in the SBIR program, Guild Associates quickly grew its reputation in chemical and adsorption sciences. The company grew in the philosophy of the medieval guilds, which were associations of craftsman known for their skill, expertise and quality. With each major project attained, Guild Associates grew its technical base of talent while building the business expertise to support the direction of its R&D and engineering pursuits.

In 1999, the company entered a new phase with the start of manufacture of the LADS systems. Guild Associates had long been primarily a research and development company, but now had to learn the art of manufacturing and assembly. Guild Associates has since made a successful transition to a systems manufacturer, with additional military products (MIRCS) and commercial products (Molecular Gate and Natural Gas Systems). Guild Associates also became a major chemical and kit supplier to the military, driven by the success of the A200 Sorbent and the M100 Equipment Decontamination Kit. The M100, originally contracted for a monthly 5000 piece volume in 2002, quickly ramped up to 45,000 pieces per month to support the Iraqi war effort. Guild Associates accomplished this huge increase without a single field quality failure. In support of the M100 and M295 decontamination kits, Guild Associates has produced over 2,000,000 lbs of A200 sorbent, again without a single field quality failure.

In 2018, Guild Associates opened a new facility in Delaware, OH for the the high-volume production of BSR-050 Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Media.  Previous experience with high volume chemical process manufacturing for the A200 Sorbent was put to good use, as Guild Associates' personnel designed all aspects of the production process

Today, Guild Associates has 75 employees engaged in basic biological and materials research, BSR-050 manufacturing, designing and building Temperature Swing Adsorption (TSA) and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) methane processing systems, and building complex integrated military systems.  Having a balanced product line in diversified markets enables Guild Associates to be remarkably stable through turbulent economic times.  Many of our commercial competitors have sought bankruptcy protection or ceased to exist.  Guild Associates' stability means that we will be there many years down the road to service and repair the products we sell.

About our Name and Logo

Guild Associates

Guild Associates was founded on a unique premise, modeled after the medieval craft guilds.  These Guilds were the gatherings of skilled craftsmen (i.e. masons, weavers, metalworkers) where standards were made, ideas were exchanged, and the knowledge of the trade grew.  Our founder reasoned that if he was able to gather a number of people skilled in their art in one place, many good things would result.  Hence the name "Guild Associates".  The simple graph paper logo harkens back to the green Engineering Paper that was the staple of engineers' scratchpads until the advent of computers and computer designs.  It represents Guild Associates' drive to understand the science of our technology at the most basic level, in order to exploit every aspect of the technology in our product designs.

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