System Development:

Because Guild Associates produces highly engineered systems, emphasis on assembly and test capability have been incorporated into its production department. During prototype development, design engineers and the manufacturing group work together to create a unique and effective solution, while taking into account the potential of full-scale production. Simplicity, standardization, use of common materials and similar design attributes are integrated into the design wherever practicable. Simultaneously, the proposed manufacturing scheme is examined to minimize “proprietary” features that will increase cost, restrict competition or place unnecessary manufacturing burdens on suppliers striving to produce parts and subsystems required. These activities naturally lead to a production control strategy that emphasizes close cooperation with subcontractors.

Materials Development:

Guild Associates continues to enhance its reputation as a leader in the field of adsorptive, reactive and catalytic materials for applications that include decontamination, chemical defense and demilitarization. Recent advances by Guild Associates' technical team have included the development of reactive sorbents for decontamination, non-carbon based filtration media and oxidative catalysts for chemical defense applications, and catalytic materials for the mineralization of chemical agents related to demilitarization applications. These advances are the direct result of Guild Associates' ability to characterize materials and draw correlation between the physical properties of materials and their performance in a working environment. Guild Associates is uniquely equipped to develop, evaluate and manufacture materials for user specified applications, such as chemical defense applications.

Guild Associates' development laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art materials characterization instruments and the evaluation laboratory has the capabilities to evaluate materials ranging from adsorbents used in PSA/TSA applications to catalysts used for the destruction of chemical agents. Lastly, Guild Associates' manufacturing capabilities allow us to manufacture materials from pilot to production scale.

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