N2 Rejection with Equilibrium PSA

Guild Associates offers a new Equilibrium PSA, utilizing activated carbon adsorbent.  For landfill applications utilizing any CO2 removal technology, the Guild Associates Equilibrium PSA can be placed downstream of the CO2 removal equipment and offers many advantages for the landfill owner.

The Equilibrium PSA will reject both N2 and O2 from the product gas stream, and achieves better than 96% methane efficiency.  Product gas is delivered to the product compression system at ~20 psig.  Guild Associates supplies a complete system including piping and valve skid, media vessels, recycle compression, and vacuum compression.

Applications for an Equilibrium N2 Removal PSA include:

  • Landfill Gas to Renewable Natural Gas
  • Boil Off Gas (BOG) treatment for LNG facilities
  • N2 removal of wellhead gas from Enhanced Oil Recovery injection wells

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EQ skid and tanks
Product and waste tanks

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Frequently Asked Questions about Equilibrium PSA

The life of the adsorbent is directly related to the quality of the filtration of heavy hydrocarbons and halogens from the feed gas.  If these elements are present in the feed gas and are improperly passed to the Equilibrium PSA, the adsorbent will degrade and need replacement in less than one year.  If the filtration is properly maintained and monitored, adsorbent lifetime of greater than one year is expected.

Oxygen will be separated from the product gas, and therefore will be of a greater concentration in the waste gas.  Please contact Guild Associates for an evaluation of the site parameters for an oxygen evaluation.

Typically, the Equilibrium PSA has been placed downstream of membrane systems, but other CO2 technologies such as water wash, PSA and amine wash systems are compatible as well. Contact Guild Associates for an evaluation of your application.

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