BSR-050 Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Media

Save up to 80% on your Landfill Gas H2S removal costs by using the HIGHEST CAPACITY media in the industry!

The cost of removing hydrogen sulfide from landfill gas includes much more than the cost of media. As media capacity increases on a volume basis, the frequency and therefore the cost of media changeouts decreases, along with the costs of spent media disposal and replacement media transportation.

BSR-050® media provides unmatched H2S capacity to the landfill gas industry.  When replacing Iron Sponge or Activated Carbon in landfill H2S removal systems, the interval between changeouts can increase by a factor of five.  Simultaneously,  BSR-050's non-bricking formulation guarantees that the time to remove spent media is cut in half or better.  As a result, an OpEx reduction of 80% can be realized.

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The key to superior performance?
Pore structure plus fast-acting chemistry.

Like other media, BSR-050 has catalytic sites that enable a sequence of reactions to convert H2S to elemental sulfur.  With Iron Sponge media, these reactions only occur on the surface of the pellet, whereas BSR-050's enhanced pore structure enables these reactions to occur throughout the entire pellet volume.   This contributes to BSR-050's industry-leading H2S capacity (up to 1.4 lbs H2S removed per lb of media) while also reducing particle bridging and eliminating media bricking.

The fast-acting mixed metal oxy-hydroxide chemistry is designed to rapidly facilitate the decomposition of H2S while ensuring only a small portion of the media bed is active at any given time.  Thus, breakthrough only occurs after the bed is almost fully utilized, while performance is enabled in demanding conditions:  high flow and H2S; low O2:H2S ratio, temperature and humidity.  These properties make BSR-050 an easy replacement for Iron Sponge and Activated Carbon in existing equipment.


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Why Choose BSR-050?

The Industry's Highest Capacity Media ...

... Results in Less Frequent Media Changeout ...

... And No Bricking Results in Lower Labor Costs ...


... Resulting in the
Lowest Overall Cost
of H2S Removal.

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Efficiency

BSR-050 Removal Capacity Far Exceeds that of Iron Sponge and Activated Carbon media

BSR-050 is compatible with most existing process vessels.  OpEx in existing equipment is reduced by the extended changeout interval. For new installations, the high capacity and bed life of BSR-050 enable the design of smaller vessels, thus providing an option for reducing CapEx.

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Informational Flyer (PDF)

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BSR-050 Removal Capacity Vs. Competition

BSR-050 typically removes 140% of its weight in H2S
Activated Carbon typically removes 32% of its weight in H2S
Iron Sponge typically removes 10% of its weight in H2S

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Landfill Lowers Costs While Simultaneously Increasing Revenue!

A customer in Houston, Texas employed a box style lead-lag system to remove H2S from landfill gas. The customer utilized 110,000 lbs of iron sponge to treat 5,600 scfm of landfill gas containing 800 ppm of H2S and 0.1% O2. Due to the low H2S removal capacity of iron sponge, the customer was unable to process stranded gas from additional landfill cells. The customer was flaring the stranded gas, watching revenue go up the flare stack. Further, the customer was performing media change-outs every 3 to 4 weeks.

The customer replaced 110,000 lbs of iron sponge with 33,000 lbs of BSR-050. Due to the inherent benefits of BSR-050, the customer was able to introduce the stranded gas from additional landfill cells into the treatment plant, increasing the gas flow rate from 5,600 to 6,500 scfm. As can be surmised, the previously unrealized revenue was no longer going up the flare stack, thereby increasing the overall productivity of the plant. 33,000 lbs of BSR-050, as compared to 110,000 lbs of iron sponge, increased the changeout interval from 3-4 weeks to nearly 4 months while operating at a higher flow rate. A mass balance demonstrated that BSR-050 achieved an H2S removal capacity of greater than 1.1 lbs H2S removed per lb media. The customer reported no change in the pressure drop across the beds throughout the period of operation.

Unlike spent iron sponge, the vast majority of the spent BSR-050 was free-flowing, as illustrated in the adjacent video showing the operator moving the spent media around with his hand.

In summary, the switch to BSR-050 resulted in:

  • 5x increase in bed life
  • 75% reduction in media costs
  • 90% reduction in changeout & disposal costs
  • 95% reduction in freight costs
  • 80% reduction in total costs of H2Sremoval
  • 16% increase in product gas revenue

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Case Study (PDF)

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Below is a short video presentation of the case study presented above.

Frequently Asked Questions About BSR-050

Yes.  BSR-050 is designed to be a drop-in replacement for vessels that currently utilize Iron Sponge or Activated Carbon.  We do recommend that you contact Guild Associates to properly review the specific site conditions so that the resulting system can be optimized.  Please click on the green Online Quotation Form above to submit your project and Guild Associates will get back to you.

Yes, BSR-050 is protected by patents 10,232,311, 10,625,239 and 10,639,582.

No.  BSR-050 does not require condensing water conditions like Iron Sponge and will not agglomerate into larger pieces requiring special equipment to remove from vessels. For maximum utilization of BSR-050, it is preferable to avoid condensing water conditions.

For qualified customers, Guild Associates has a reduced-risk first-fill plan.  Contact Guild Associates to determine whether your site will qualify for this first-fill plan.

BSR-050® is a registered trademark of Guild Associates, Inc.

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