Guild Associates Wins 2022 American Biogas Council Innovation of the Year Award!

At the May 25 American Biogas Council Awards Dinner held during the 2022 Biogas Americas Conference in Las Vegas, NV, Guild Associates Nanogate™ PSA system received the 2022 Innovation of the Year Award.  The citation on the award plaque reads, “The NanoGate™ Biogas Upgrading PSA from Guild Associates, Inc. was bestowed the distinction of American Biogas Council 2022 Innovation of the Year for its ability to economically scale down the production of RNG from biogas.  At a flow as low as 15 SCFM, this technology allows RNG to be produced on smaller farms, water resource recovery facilities, and food waste digesters where economical RNG production was previously much less feasible.  The cost of most other competing technologies is often too high for smaller biogas projects, so this technology has the potential to help thousands of new projects get built to recycle their organic waste into renewable energy in the form of renewable natural gas.”  The American Biogas Council’s press release can be located here.

Guild Associates actually competed with itself for the award, as BSR-050 Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Media was one of the other two finalists for this prestigious award.  Dave Church, Guild Associates Senior VP of Biogas Processing commented, “We are grateful to the American Biogas Council for its recognition of NanoGate.  The NanoGate and MicroGate™ PSA systems will spur a revolution in RNG  production at smaller agricultural digesters and water resource recovery facilities, as the economics will now be much more favorable to these smaller applications.”

For more information on Guild Associates’ NanoGate and MicroGate products, please click here.

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