Join Us for the May 4 RNG Coalition Wednesday Webinar Series

Paul Baker, Business Development Manager for Guild Associates, will deliver a webinar entitled “Monetizing Small Digesters – Simple and Fast Monetization with a One-Skid Solution for RNG” on May 4. The discussion will focus on the topology options available for developers and farmers for upgrading biogas to RNG. These options include: Centralized Digestion/Upgrading; Decentralized Digestion/Centralized Upgrading; and Decentralized Digestion/Upgrading. Guild Associates’ new One-Skid Microgate/Nanogate product line enables a decentralized approach to limit the inherent shared risk of cluster projects, as well as quicken the pace of monetization. Access to the webinar is at this link: RNG Webinar Series — The Coalition For Renewable Natural Gas (

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