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Landfill Gas Upgrading

While digesters normally require only carbon dioxide removal from the product gas, landfills generally have issues with both carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) in the feed gas.  Guild Associates' approach to landfill gas upgrading has included pairing the Molecular GateTM N2 rejection technology with CO2 membranes, as well as a dual-Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems, the first to primarily remove CO2 and the second to remove N2.  

The unique dual-PSA approach results in a simplified system that is easy to maintain and operate.  The feed gas is compressed to 110 psig, then cooled in order to remove the bulk of the moisture in a condensate trap.  The resulting feed gas is then re-heated using the waste heat of the compressor and fed to the CO2 PSA.  The CO2 PSA is filled with Molecular GateTM adsorbent that has been pore-sized controlled to preferentially adsorb CO2, letting the methane and nitrogen pass.  In the CO2 PSA step, CO2 is removed from a typical 30% range down to less than 0.5%.  Also removed in this step is residual moisture (to <150 ppm), siloxanes, VOCs and hydrogen sulfide (H2S).  

The product gas from the CO2 PSA is fed to the N2 PSA which removes the nitrogen to pipeline quality.  THe resulting product gas of the N2 PSA is injected in to the local natural gas grid at 90 PSIG.  In order to improve the overall methane recovery, about 15% of the feed gas is recycled back to the N2 PSA feed, which increases the methane recovery of the N2 PSA to 88%.  The overall plant methane recovery is about 81%.  The N2 tail gas is fed to a generator for local power use.

The Guild Associates' Molecular GateTM technology enables the system to be efficient, easy to operate and maintain. There is no media to replace on a regular basis, as the Molecular GateTM media is regenerable and will last the lifetime of the equipment.  

The video below describes the operation of the Guild Associates dual-PSA system at the Billings City Landfill in Billings, Montana.  

EUEC2020 Cancelled, Presentations Available Here!

Dr. Joseph A. Rossin, VP of Materials Development, and Dan Moeller, Process Engineering Manager were scheduled to will speak on separate topics at EUEC 2020, the 23rd annual Energy, Utility & Environmental Conference in San Diego, California.  However, the conference cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  

Dr. Rossin's presentation is entitled  "BSR-050 – A Novel High-Capacity H2S Removal Media", and is available for download by clicking on the title.

Dan Moeller's presentation is entitlled "RNG: California Rule 21/30 Compliance Made Easy", and is available for download by clicking on the title.

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