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Note:  If you were expecting to land on the site, this site is now integrated with the Guild Associates website.  While Molecular GateTM Gas Processing Systems are a significant part of Guild Associates Gas Processing Systems, Guild's technology portfolio is much wider than Molecular GateTM.

Guild Associates made its debut in Gas Processing in 2001. Engelhard Corporation, which had developed the Molecular GateTM adsorbent, selected Guild Associates to design and build Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) equipment to utilize this unique and highly engineered adsorbent.  Engelhard fielded multiple systems that were manufactured by Guild Associates in both pilot and commercial scale.  Guild Associates then licensed the Molecular GateTM technology from Englehard (now merged with BASF) and built commercialized systems for the natural gas and biogas industries.  Since then, Guild Associates Gas Processing has branched into other technologies, including Siloxane Removal, Hydrogen Sulfide Removal, PSA Drying Systems, Feed and Product Compression Systems, Packaging of Membrane Systems, Equilibrium Nitrogen Rejection Systems, and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) systems for vehicle filling stations.  So while the Molecular GateTM systems for upgrading low BTU gas to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) may be what Guild Associates is best known for, we offer a much broader technology portfolio.

Applications and Markets

Guild Associates' Gas Processing Equipment is in use in a wide variety of markets including:
  • Landfill Gas upgrading to RNG
  • Siloxane Removal for Landfill Gas Electricity Generation
  • Coal Mine Methane Recovery
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Digester Gas to RNG
  • Commercial Anaerobic Digester to RNG
  • Wellhead Natural Gas Heavy Hydrocarbon Removal 
  • Pretreatment Systems for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) liquifiers
  • Compressed Gas Vehicle Fuel Sub-systems
  • Hydrogen Sulfide removal from Digester and Landfill gas
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