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Decontamination Products

Guild Associates is a leader in the design and manufacture of immediate decontamination products.  Guild Associates developed the A200 Sorbent material in conjunction with the Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center in the early 2000's.  A200 was developed to replace the expensive XE555 Decontamination Powder.  Over two million pounds of A200 has been produced by Guild Associates in support of the M100 and M295 decontamination kits. 

A200 material is a mixture of silica-alumina particles and activated carbon.  During the manufacturing process, conditions are carefully controlled to produce the optimal particle size and pore structure.  The sorbent functions by physically adsorbing the chemical agent into the pores of the material, where it is held by strong molecular bonds.  The chemical agent retained in the pores is rendered inert, and thus the resulting powder is not hazardous material.
 Sorbent Photomicrograph
Photomicrograph of A200 Sorbent Particle

Guild Associates supplies both the sorbent powder and the M100 Equipment Decontamination Kit to the Department of Defense.  The M100 consists of two 500g pouches of A200 Sorbent, an application mitt, and the plastic container.  During Immediate Decontamination, a soldier clad in MOPP gear can effectively treat 12.5 square meters of surface area.  This will remove the surface contamination, thus containing the spread of the agent.  The equipment can be passed into Thorough Decontamination for further processing. 
      M100 Exploded View
The Guild BioSciences division is currently working towards development of an enzyme-based decontamination material.  Through research funded by DTRA and DARPA, Guild has developed a variant of the Organophosphorus Hydrolase (OPH) enzyme that, as of the current research, has been confirmed to be a 25x improvement as compared to the wild-type enzyme in degrading the nerve agent VX.  For more information on this enzyme, click here.
Guild Associates is also a leader in the general knowledge of decontamination testing, application and processes.  Guild's scientists have authored and co-authored numerous scientific papers and made presentations at key industry conventions and trade shows, and are frequently consulted opinions on test methodology and sample preparation by Department of Defense divisions.  Below is a partial list of the recent publications in the field of decontamination.

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