EUEC 2020

EUEC Meeting Cancelled, Guild Presentations to be Posted Online

Dr. Joseph Rossin and Dan Moeller to Present at EUEC 2020 

Dr. Joseph A. Rossin, VP of Materials Development, and Dan Moeller, Process Engineering Manager were scheduled to will speak on separate topics at EUEC 2020, the 23rd annual Energy, Utility & Environmental Conference in San Diego, California.  However, with the conference cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the presentations will be uploaded and available for attendees on the official EUEC website.  Guild will post these presentations soon!

Dr. Rossin’s presentation is  “BSR-050 – A Novel High-Capacity H2S Removal Media”.  BSR-050 is a highly reactive, high capacity H2S removal media, capable of operating over a wide range of conditions associated with natural gas processing and odor control applications.

When employed in landfill gas purification, BSR-050 continues to achieve capacities greater than 1 lb H2S removed per lb of media – even when operating with high concentrations of H2S and O2 levels on the order of 0.1%. Dr. Rossin will be discussing the relationship between temperature and the concentration of H2S, O2 and H2O in the gas stream, and how they impact H2S removal.
Read more about BSR-050 media here.

Dan Moeller’s presentation is entitlled “RNG: California Rule 21/30 Compliance Made Easy”.  Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) injection into the California utilities PG&E and Southern California Gas are required to meet the stringent Rule 21 and Rule 30 trace constituent standards.  Dan will be presenting test data sampled from a landfill with Guild Associates’ Molecular Gate equipment. 

The data shows that when any of the siloxanes or carcinogens were detected in the feed from the landfill, Guild Associates’ gas processing system was able to remove the contaminant to below detection limits.  The equipment operates without any disposable media, and as of the sample date, the equipment has been in operation for over 8 years. 
Read more about Molecular Gate systems here.

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