Guild Associates Equipment to Power GreenGasUSA Project

South Carolina Agricultural Waste Digester will produce RNG.

GreenGasUSA has selected Guild Associates to provide biogas cleanup equipment for its new project in South Carolina. This project, with a major industrial partner as the RNG consumer, will convert biogas methane from agricultural waste into Renewable Natural Gas that will be injected into the natural gas pipeline. “This groundbreaking project is the first of its kind in South Carolina and will not only capture harmful methane gas emissions to be converted to biogas, it will also generate new income for agricultural businesses in SC and help our customers shift towards carbon neutral operations” says Becky Atkinson, Managing Director of GreenGas.

Marc Fetten, Founder of GreenGasUSA, stated that “Aside from the technical feasibility of the Guild Associates’ equipment, the relationship that has been established between Guild Associates and GreenGasUSA was the primary driver for our choice of vendor. We view this as the beginning of a long term partnership that extends beyond this project to a significant number of future RNG projects.”

Guild Associates’ Molecular GateTM technology enables a single-step process to remove contaminants from the biogas without the need for disposable media. The autonomous operation of the equipment assures that operating expenses are low with little operator interaction required. Read the original press release from GreenGas USA here.

For more information on Guild Associates’ equipment offerings, please click here.

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