Guild Associates Tests MWD Decon Kit at DTRA’s 2021 CBOA

Decon Kit one of just 33 technologies tested at the fourth CBOA

The Military Working Dog (MWD) Decontamination Kit from Guild Associates was one of just 33 technologies utilized in the 2021 Chemical Biological Operational Analysis sponsored by DTRA.  The CBOA concept derived from the need to establish a solid Scientist-to-Warfighter line of communication to bridge capability and usability gaps that can occur during the conception to battlefield development cycle. During a CBOA, technology prototypes from industry, government laboratories and academia are put in the hands of the warfighter to use while conducting realistic missions in adaptive scenarios. This 4-day event was held at the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story (JEBLCFS), VA, 24-28 May 2021. 

Rachel Harding, Chemical Engineer in the Materials Development Group and Principal Investigator for the MWD Decon Kit, trained canine handlers from Navy, SOCON and USAF on the use of the kit.  The kit was then used in three exercises.  Effectiveness of the kit and usage was monitored with simulants, so no danger was presented to the canines nor handlers.  Mike Freeburn (Business Development Manager) noted, “This was a great opportunity to get candid user feedback, which will aid us greatly in refining the use of the kit in the field.  The collaborative experience with other vendors and military units was overwhelmingly positive and should result in a satisfactory solution for canine protection.”

For more information about the CBOA, click here. Read more about Guild Associates’ Decontamination Products here.

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