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Containerized Military Systems

Guild Associates is a leader in engineering and manufacturing innovative and cost-effective containerized systems for the military. Examples of these systems are the Laundry Advanced System, the Mobile Integrated Remains Collection System, and the Expandable Shelter Platform

The LADS Laundry Advanced System (LADS) was developed in the early-1990's as a laundry and chemical agent decontamination system. It was later modified to an water-based field laundry system featuring low-water use and reduced manpower with the first unit fielded in 1999. The LADS is capable of cleaning almost 8,000 lb/day of bagged laundry while consuming only 1300 gpd of water and requiring only two operators/shift (by comparison, a residential large-capacity washer will consume 40 gallons to wash 18 lbs). The LADS has seen duty in both peacetime and wartime.  A total of 204 systems have been manufactured for the U.S. Army.

In response to an RFP in 2005, Guild Associates, Inc. developed the Mobile Integrated Remains Collection System (MIRCS) for the Army.  With the use of custom-designed vacuum insulating panels, which increase usable volume, this system is capable of providing mortuary service transportation for up to 16 human remains. The MIRCS meets ISO standards for shipment and can be air-lifted from remote parts of the world. As with the LADS systems, MIRCS have seen service in both wartime and peacetime operations.  Production is still underway, with an anticipated total delivery of 170 units by the end of 2014.

Guild Associates is proud of the commendations we have received from the military for our products. Some of these commendations are listed below.

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2004 Army Letter of Commendation for M100 Development
This letter from the Joint Project Manager commends Guild Associates for its diligence in developing the M100 Decontamination System and supplying a large number of units quickly.

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2003 Letter of Commendation for LADS Technical Assistance in Iraq
This letter is from the Project Manager in Iraq for Force Sustainment Systems, in commendation of Guild Associates employee's diligence in his support of overcoming maintenance issues in Iraq for the LADS systems.