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Guild Associates designed and fielded the Mobile Integrated Remains Collection System (MIRCS) for the US Army to provide safe and respectful human remains collection in the war theatre in any place in the world.  Experience with the MIRCS has led to development of the RSU series of Portable Morgues in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Download the Information Flyer here.

RSU Series Portable Morgues

The RSU series is designed to fill the need for safe and respectful temporary storage of human remains during times that the existing mortuary infrastructure may be overwhelmed.  Use of the RSU series will prevent further transmission of the COVID-19 virus post-mortem and facilitate respectful grieving process.  The RSU series of Mobile Morgues is available in three sizes to facilitate the storage of 8, 12 or 16 remains. 

The RSU is a self-contained system for remains storage, designed for movement by forklift.The RSU meets USA mortuary standards for temperature control and air exchange.

The RSU-12 shown with optional Screening Vestibule.The RSU-8

Trailer Mounted RSU-16 Shown with Generator
in Transport Configuration
Trailer Mounted RSU-16 Shown with Generator
in Deployed Configuration

  • Based on design of Mobile Integrated Remains Collection System (MIRCS) produced by Guild Associates for the US Army (See MIRCS Brochure)
  • Available in 3 sizes to accommodate 8, 12, 16 or 20 human remains (Refer to Table 1)
  • Remains stored on removable sliding trays that enable transfer out of the refrigerated area onto a gurney.
  • Optional vestibule screen available to shield transfer operations out of public view.
  • Insulated Refrigeration Area constructed of stainless steel for ease of cleaning.
  • Refrigeration Area Floor sloped with drain to capture biohazardous waste.
  • Equipped with a Carrier Transicold S-Series Electric Standby Refrigeration Unit (Refer to Table 1 and Separate Brochures for Specifications).
  • Optional Diesel Engine RU with Fuel Tank available for remote operation available.
Table 1:  Summary of Models Offered

S-6 OR S-7102/2.59 L x 96/2.44 W x 96/2.44 H 
S-7 OR S-8
128/3.25 L x 96/2.44 W x 96/2.44 H 
S-8 OR S-9
154/3.91 L x 96/2.44 W x 96/2.44 H 
180/4.57 L x 96/2.44 W x 96/2.44 H 

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Mobile Integrated Remains Collection System (MIRCS)

Mobile Integrated Remains Collection System (MIRCS)
In response to an RFP in 2005, Guild Associates, Inc. developed MIRCS for the United States Army to provide mortuary service capabilities throughout the world. Structurally, the MIRCS is an ISO frame, with sides that lower essentially extending the base. A softwall is then deployed to create walls and the ceiling for the expanded area. Guild Associates' design allows for storage of 16 remains in addition to space for processing and administrative work. Remains are kept between 34 and 36°F while meeting mortuary standards for air quality. In transport mode the MIRCS dimensions are nominally 20' x 8' x 8' with corner fittings to meet ISO standards for intermodal container shipment.

Mobile Integrated Remains Collection System (MIRCS)
When deployed, the enclosed area is almost triple the transport size. MIRCS can be deployed while on the ground or while mounted on a HEMTT or trailer (using leg extensions). With operating temperatures ranging from -20 to +125°F and an operating altitude of up to 7,500 ft, MIRCS can be deployment in most major cities year around. The hydraulic-assisted lift system allows the platforms to be raised quickly, easily and safely. MIRCS also comes with temporary remains shelter which provides a private place to store remains prior to processing. The complete MIRCS system can be setup in about 30 minutes by two trained people.