Paul Baker to present at WWETT Conference, Indiananapolis on February 21

Paul Baker, Business Devlopment Manager will team with Sean Gasson, Regulatory Consultant with EcoEngineers to present a session at the WWETT conference on February 21. The WWETT (Water and Wastewater Equipment,Treatment & Transport) conference is at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Paul and Sean will present “Food Waste Digestion: The Impact of the EPA’s New Rules for Renewable Fuel Standard Monetization“, a discussion on the impact of the EPA’s Co-Digestion Rules on Waste Water Treatment Plants. The EPA has released draft rulemaking that will permit D3 and D5 feedstock to be processed in one digester yet separate the D3 and D5 RINS produced for maximum monetization potential. While these rules are not finalized, this will both solve a problem (what to do with mandated organic waste diversion from landfills) and create an opportunity for smaller and medium sized waste water treatment plants to monetize their biogas produced. A link to the presentation details is contained here.

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