Guild Associates and GreenGasUSA to Expand McCall Farms Project

GreenGasUSA and Guild Associates are announcing that the RNG facility currently under construction at the McCall Farms plant in Effingham, SC will be further expanded.  GreenGasUSA will be doubling the digester gas production capacity, as two lagoons will soon be operational at the site.  Guild Associates will provide a second Molecular Gate™ CO2 removal Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system for this expansion in addition to the equipment under construction currently.  This project, with Duke University as the RNG consumer, will convert biogas methane from agricultural waste into Renewable Natural Gas for injection into the natural gas pipeline.  Read Duke University’s press release about the project here.

Becky Atkinson, President of GreenGasUSA, stated that “The expansion of the Effingham, SC plant is a part of the long-term relationship being established between Guild Associates and GreenGasUSA.  From the beginning of the project concept, we knew that an expansion of the plant was likely very early on.  We intend to extend this relationship to a significant number of future RNG projects.”

Guild Associates’ Molecular GateTM technology enables a single-step process to remove contaminants from the biogas without the need for upstream disposable media, nor additional equipment to maintain and monitor such as H2S removal systems, dryers, siloxane removal beds, or carbon beds for volatile organic compound (VOC) removal.  The Molecular GateTM PSA’s autonomous operation assures that operating expenses are low with very little operator interaction required. Read the original press release from GreenGasUSA here.

For more information on Guild Associates’ equipment offerings, please click here.

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