Guild Associates, Inc. Honored Twice at American Biogas Council 2018 Biogas Project of the Year Awards

Guild Associates wins Two Awards at 2018 ABC Awards Dinner

Projects with Guild Associates PSA systems wins 2 of 3 American Biogas Council Project of the Year

The results of the American Biogas Council 2018 Biogas Project of the Year Award are in, and Guild Associates scored a rare double, as two of the three awardees for Project of the Year utilized Guild Associates’ Molecular Gate Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems for their biogas upgrading equipment.  The awards were presented at a sold out dinner celebration at BioCycle REFOR18.

In the Municipal category, the Warrior Project in Dodge City, Kansas was bestowed the 2018 Biogas Project of the Year Award. The South Wastewater Treatment Plant treats 5.7 million gallons of waste water a day, including the affluent from the National Beef Packing Plant. An anaerobic digestion process produces raw biogas at an average daily rate of 1.6 million cubic feet of biogas. In February 2018, the facility started producing pipeline quality biomethane to be sold as a transportation fuel.

Ray Slattery, Director of Engineering Services of the City of Dodge City, spoke highly of Guild Associates’ involvement in the project:

Guild Associates was a great partner in the Warrior Project, as we trusted that they would completely handle the entire gas processing train, enabling Dodge City to focus on the other critical parts of the project. And they delivered! Once the equipment was installed, the customer service we received from Guild Associates was unbelievable.

In the Agricultural category, Optima Biogas garnered the 2018 Biogas Project of the Year Award for the innovative aggregation of five hog farm digesters to enable an economical pipeline quality biogas project. Guild Associates’ Molecular Gate technology was an integral part of this project for the injection into the Piedmont Natural Gas network. The project was 5 years from concept to injecting gas, and is the first hog manure to RNG project in North Carolina.

Guild Associates’ Molecular Gate Pressure Swing Adsorption equipment provides a simple integrated solution for treatment of biogas from digesters and landfills. Unlike other treatment systems such as membranes and carbon-based Pressure Swing Adsorption systems, the Molecular Gate system requires no pretreatment equipment utilizing expendable media. Instead, water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, siloxanes and volatile organic chemicals are removed in a single-step process using a single fully regenerable media that will last the life of the equipment. Sales gas purity is controlled via software parameters, and thus can be automatically adjusted to take into account feed gas conditions without danger of shut-in by the pipeline company.

Read the original press release here.  Guild will be attending BioCycle’s annual conference again at REFOR19.

Congratulations again to Optima Biogas and the City of Dodge City Kansas for their achievements!

Guild Associates, Inc. is a licensee of BASF’s Molecular Gate™ Adsorbent Technology and is solely responsible for all representations regarding the technology made herein.

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