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Aerial view of gas processing equipment at Dodge City Wastewater Treatment Plant

Dodge City WWTP Featured in TPO Magazine

Guild's Molecular Gate system recognized in highlight of award-winning project

Treatment Plant Operator Magazine's June 2019 issue includes an article on the Warrior Project, a major upgrade to Dodge City's South Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Completed in Februrary, 2018, the addition to the plant uses Guild's Molecular Gate system to separate out valuable methane as an additional income stream for the plant.  Click here to read the full article.

The project followed a three-year fast-track from conception to commissioning, a testament to Guild's engineering expertise and experience in delivering quality equipment with short development cycles. Ray Slattery, Director of Engineering Services of the City of Dodge City, commented:
Guild Associates was a great partner in the Warrior Project, as we trusted that they would completely handle the entire gas processing train, enabling Dodge City to focus on the other critical parts of the project. And they delivered! Once the equipment was installed, the customer service we received from Guild Associates was unbelievable.
Since commissioning, the project has received the following awards and recognitions:
  • Project of the Year - Municipal (American Biogas Council)
  • City Public Improvement Award (American Council of Engineering Companies of Kansas)
  • Infrastructure Innovation Award (League of Kansas Municipalities)
  • 2018 PISCES Recognition for Excellence and Innovation (EPA)
  • Project of the Year Award for Small Cities/Rural Counties (American Public Works Association of Kansas)

Guild's single-step process for removing contaminants from biogas streams simplifies maintenance and dramatically reduces long-term costs for operators.  Our highly reliable Pressure Swing Adsorption systems are the standard for transforming biogas into valuable Renewable Natural Gas, creating a new income source for all biogas applications.

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