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For over 30 years Guild Associates has been providing engineering and technical solutions to industry and the military. Areas of specialty are:

We are a full-spectrum company, as we perform basic research, then develop, manufacture, and field service our products.

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Guild Associates is a diversified, agile and focused business serving commercial and military markets.

For commercial customers, Guild Associates is focused on products that utilize gas separation and processing technology. Guild Associates manufactures biogas upgrade and filtering systems used at landfills and waste water treatment plants, transforming the biogas into a clean usable fuel. Guild Associates also manufactures natural gas processing systems used to enable natural gas to be a viable transportation fuel.

For the military, Guild Associates is focused on improving the life of the warfighter. Guild Associates' products protect warfighters from chemical and biological warfare agents, efficiently launder their clothes wherever they are deployed, and enable Mortuary Affairs to respectfully preserve the remains of those who make the ultimate sacrifice.

Guild Associates is a world-class expert in diverse areas such as adsorption (both materials and processes), catalysts, and biotechnology sensors. We have a proven history of executing basic research and then delivering products that practically and efficiently utilize that research to solve difficult problems.

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